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Pest Control Services

General Pest Control

Bed Bugs 911 offers highly effective pest control services for residential and commercial customers. We treat Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Bees & Wasps, Mice & Rats and more!  Give us a call to schedule an inspection and learn more about our effective pest control solutions!  


Cockroaches are one of the most hated insects in the U.S. They can be extremely hard to kill, even living through nuclear blasts. But they are no match for the Bed Bugs 911 technicians! If you have a cockroach infestation call us today for an inspection! We will then create a plan to treat your home or business quickly and effectively and will work with you to keep the bugs out FOR GOOD!


Ants can be an extremely frustrating and hard to get rid of issue for many homeowners and business managers. Seeing one ant generally means there are more nearby. If you have an ant problem, don’t waste time and money trying to DIY an ant treatment. Many DIY treatments deal with the ants that you see and not the whole colony. Bed Bugs 911 has advanced treatment options to kill ants on contact and keep them all out!


Spiders are a common household pest in the state of WI. Bed Bugs 911 provides pests sprays and other treatments to keep your home or business spider free year round. Schedule your yearly pest treatments with Bed Bugs 911 and rest assured that your home is pest free!


Whether they are the garden variety, European Honey Bee or the increasingly more common Africanized “Killer Bee” Hybrids bees are rarely a welcome guest at your home or business. Bed Bugs 911 offers bee removal and remediation services using the most environmentally friendly and humane methods possible. If you have a bee swarm please call us today!

Mice & Rats

Effective control of rats and mice is critical for any home or commercial property.  Pack rats, roof rats, and all types of mice cause millions in damages every year due to their nesting and gnawing.  Mice and rats could be constantly slipping into your home or business seeking shelter, food, and water RIGHT NOW.  If a rodent infestation is suspected or found, call Bed Bugs 911 for a safe and highly effective treatment/removal.

Bed Bug and General Pest Sprays

Whether you have bed bug, spiders, ants or any other pests, a chemical spray is often used as a lasting defence against bugs.  Call Bed Bugs 911 to discuss if a chemical pest spray is right for your pest problem.  We have several treatments options available and will find the safest, and most effective option for your needs!

DIY Bed Bug Heater Rentals

You can kill bed bugs yourself with our highly effective bed bug heating systems for a low daily fee starting at just $199 and NO DELIVERY FEES!! Use the same equipment the pros do and kill bed bugs discreetly and simply all on your own schedule.  Call to schedule your heater delivery.  

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

With the Bed Bugs 911 you won’t have to pay for bed bug treatments upon bed bug treatments any longer.  The Bed Bugs 911 revolutionary new heat treatment technology kills bed bugs with just one application, even the eggs!  Your bed bug problem could be solved in just 6-8 hours!